Jewelry as Sculpture

The magic starts with an idea and a piece of clay.
A note from our founder Lauralyn Renn on her unique design process: 
"I had so many ideas in my head and needed to find a way to express them.  The traditional way in jewelry is to carve from a wax model, but I wanted something that I could create organic forms and textures with.  I began to make my models by hand from clay, and after rounds of experimentation in the molding and casting process, found a medium that would translate. The result was my own unique way of creating jewelry through sculpture.
"I find working with clay exciting, you have to work quickly to express your idea before it dries.  It's a design process of addition, instead of subtraction like carving a wax model.  This sculptural approach allows me to work very intuitively, resulting in unique designs. This technique is how I made all of the leaves and flowers in my jewelry for example.
I love when you can see the human hand in a product--that is, that you can see it was made by a person, not a computer or machine.  All of my designs have this special human connection."