Meet the Artist


How it all began.
A note from Lauralyn Renn on her journey, from her beginnings in the fashion industry to founding and creating her eponymous jewelry line: 
I went to school at the Fashion Institute of Technology and afterwards worked about 10 years designing women’s dress shoes for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Coach, and Cole Haan. As a footwear designer you have to be able to design all aspects of the shoe, including the metal hardware like buckles, logos, etc. So when I decided to start designing jewelry I was surprised to realize I already had a lot of experience in the area. 
The Venus collection was my debut collection and it came about in a very special way. I was staying for the weekend at the beach and while I was there a big storm came through. After it passed shells were scattered all over the beach and it seemed like a sign to me. I began collecting them and imagining them in gold and silver and with pearls. And from disaster came something beautiful; the inspiration for the first collection, which is all about transformation. 
I named the brand Renn for my last name, and I included New York in the subtext to mark where the brand was founded.
My jewelry design process is unique. Through rounds of testing, I came up with a new way to design jewelry. While most jewelers start with a wax model, I create my models by hand from clay. This intuitive way of designing allows me to have more freedom to explore organic shapes and textures, resulting in truly unique designs. All of the leaves and flowers in my designs for example were created in this way. 
Sustainability is something that is really important to me.  All of Renn New York products are made-to-order, which allows me to make only what is needed, giving each piece the time and attention it deserves, and avoiding wasteful practices typical of the fashion industry. Additionally, all casting materials come from recycled metals, and any scraps from the creation process are melted down and reused. 
My jewelry is designed with the intention to transport and empower the wearer; to inspire them to dream of faraway places and happy memories, while still grounding them in the present.  I hope my work is a source of inspiration to you.
Lauralyn Renn